Do I Need a Permit Before Air Duct Cleaners Can Start Work on My Home?

Before any work can begin, contractors must obtain a permit. Most states require air duct cleaners to have a mechanical contractor license. To get such a license, applicants must have the relevant education (usually, a bachelor's degree) or industry experience. This will allow them to take the mechanical contractor licensing exam, which they must pass. To learn more about the licensing requirements in your state, visit the Small Business Administration (SBA) reference on state licenses and permits.

Adrian, Cris Henry and Mozart did an excellent job. They arrived on time, cleaned everything up after finishing. They were able to answer my questions with detail and professionalism. HVAC workers who only install, alter, or repair duct systems, control systems, or insulation do not need to have a license to work for an authorized contractor. There are also specific alternatives that allow high-efficiency equipment and additional insulation to be installed in the ducts instead of repairing leaks in the ducts.

Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) technicians are specially qualified to start an air duct cleaning business because they already have the technical knowledge needed to clean air ducts. The air duct cleaning industry can be competitive, especially because large HVAC companies offer discounts on cleanings and inspections. It is not necessary to seal ducts when systems have less than 40 feet of ducts in unconditioned spaces, such as attics, garages, mezzanines, basements, or outside the building, or when the ducts are constructed, insulated, or sealed with asbestos. This will require that all projects that meet the requirements be certified by a company or external person that qualifies the requirements for evaluating pipeline leaks. Consumers, on the other side of the coin, will have to pay for duct repairs that they didn't have to carry out before, which will increase their costs.

An air duct cleaning company makes money by charging customers to clean the air ducts of their air conditioning systems. When single-zone space conditioning equipment is replaced and when at least 25 percent of the ducts are installed outside the building or in an unconditioned space (above a drip insulation roof or gypsum board), duct sealing requirements must be met. The owner of an air duct cleaning company spends much of their day cleaning air ducts, a practical job that involves running tools and brushes through the ducts of air conditioning systems. An air duct cleaning company can be a single-person business that provides services to a single city or town, or it can be a large company that has multiple locations.

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