Does a Duct Repair Company Offer Free Estimates?

To guarantee your central air is installed correctly, contact the best HVAC professionals in your area and start getting free quotes today. The table below shows the main types of ducts and the average repair costs for each, based on a typical section of a duct network that measures 30 linear feet. You should work with a pest control company to eliminate them and with a duct repair specialist to repair damage and seal ducts. Generally, workers need to carry out a small inspection of the affected area before carrying out repairs, which is not the same as a large-scale inspection of the air ducts and is included in the repair fee.Attic ducts can be concealed for aesthetic reasons if the attic is used regularly or if it has been renovated, but most attic ducts are usually exposed.

In most homes, basements are relatively easy to access and the ducts are relatively small, so contractors shouldn't have much difficulty getting to the ducts, as they are often exposed, but additional labor may be needed if the basement is crowded or the ducts are hidden. That fee covers the removal of mice or rats from ducts with traps and the installation of a sealant or cover to prevent rodents from entering the ducts. You need to call a pest control specialist to remove the rodents and then ask a specialist in heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems or ducts to repair the ducts.For instance, repairing the easily accessible ducts in a mobile home usually costs less than repairing the ducts in a hard-to-reach basement. Inspections are an essential part of general duct and air conditioning maintenance, and can be very useful in identifying problems before they become major issues, such as the presence of mold or pests inside the ducts.

To reduce the risk of repairs and replacements, it's wise to take good care of your home's ducts. There are several types of ducts, from affordable, flexible, non-metallic ducts to high-end sheet metal ducts.However, if left for too long and allowed to spread out, the rusted section may need to be replaced, increasing costs which may include new pieces of duct material such as aluminum and sealants such as duct putty and sealing tapes. You may even have to hire a professional to clean the area before calling the duct repair company. A professional removes the ventilation grilles and looks inside the ducts or uses a duct camera to locate the obstruction.

Some companies offer cleaning contracts and clean the ducts once a year or every two years for a fixed fee, but most charge per cleaning session.This is because wall ducts are often hidden and difficult to access, so workers may have to damage walls to reach the ducts and carry out repairs.

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